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Customer testimonials

We have created viral marketing campaigns for the largest companies in Finland.

Emma Peltoniemi profile picture

Emma Peltoniemi


"Our collaboration with Fiid has been flexible and straightforward. We have been very happy with the amazing results, but also that we have had Fiid's TikTok professionals as partners, who have just the right approach to content production. TikTok changes as quickly as the aviation industry, and we have been able to convey the Airpro feeling through Fiid to millions of people."

Ville Sariola profile image

Ville Sariola

Tivoli Sariola

"Collaboration with Fiid has been uncomplicated, smooth, and inspiring. We have received new, fresh perspectives on content while our important thoughts, values, and traditions have been preserved. Fiid's team has been genuinely interested in getting to know our company, and creating content together has been relaxed and fun."

Erik Nurmi profile image

Eerik Nurmi

BookLapland/ Salespar

"TikTok's top guns"

Elina Vuoksenmaa VR Groupilta

Elina Vuoksenmaa

VR Group

"At Fiid, they understand what works on TikTok. Thanks to our collaboration, the VR Matkalla TikTok has grown significantly, and in the fall of 2023, we also gained a lot of momentum for the recruitment of local traffic train drivers with organic TikTok videos. The content produced by Fiid is on the pulse of time, highlights our employees, and inspires the viewers of our videos."